Submission Guidelines

Become a War Writer!

War Writers welcomes submissions from anyone, students, scholars, and experienced professionals alike. War Writers only cares about the accuracy and reliability of your content, the relevance of your argument, and the amount and quality of sources you provide to back-up your article.


The subject of your article is entirely up to you, with one condition: it must be at least somewhat related to military history. It does not have to be solely about it, but there needs to be some link between your topic and military history. It can be about any era, even contemporary. Ideally, the topic should explore an area or question that is relatively seldom dealt with, or offer a provocative insight or analysis. However, “classic topics” which are not revolutionary or innovative are perfectly fine too.


Your article can range anywhere between 2,000 to 6,000 words. Longer articles might be considered if there is a strong justification for the extra length.


References (via footnotes) are key in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of your article. Any information that is not already well-known or which contains numbers other than famous dates must contain a source (primary or secondary). An article entirely based on secondary sources is completely fine – after all, it is the easiest way to write. Footnotes are absolutely essential since they help to demonstrate the quality of your article and show the readers that it is based on solid information and analysis. Footnotes must follow the Chicago Manual of Style.


Since War Writers seeks to attract as many readers as possible, your article must be written in English.


Finally, please provide (free of use) pictures you would like to see used with your article. Notably, maps can be very useful, if your article would benefit from their presence.

Review Process

While War Writers is mainly about quality of content, it is also about providing an easy platform where you can publish your articles relatively quickly – provided that they match the quality standard, of course. The review will be performed by one or several people and will consist in checking that your article has sufficient and reliable sources, and ensuring that the piece does not contain misspellings and flagrant grammatical mistakes. In theory, it is possible to have your article published only after a couple of readings if these conditions are already respected when you submit it.

If your paper fulfills all the above-mentioned conditions, War Writers is for you. Send your article to!