About War Writers

War Writers is a brand new military history blog, officially launched on May 26th, 2020, at 1857 hours, in honor of the 80th anniversary of Operation Dynamo. Its goal is to combine academic and professional rigor with a light review process to offer seasoned and new authors a modern, reliable, and efficient platform where they can be published and read.

The idea of creating this blog stemmed from the notable absence of military history websites or blogs accepting submissions of more than 2,000 words but shorter than academic journal articles. Military history pieces which are less than 2,000 words can be lacking, while academic journal papers are much longer to read, less accessible, and often require a subscription.

This blog wants to fill the gap between “short-but-lacking” and “long-but-inaccessible” articles.

Welcome to War Writers.

About the Maker

War Writers was created by Lorris Beverelli. Lorris Beverelli is a French national who is passionate about History and especially military history. He is particularly interested in the Second World War.

His other interests include strategy, defense policy, military affairs, cinema and jazz music. He has experience in research and publishing: he was previously published by The Strategy Bridge, RealClearDefense, The National Interest, and the Georgetown Security Studies Review (The Forum).

Lorris Beverelli holds a Master of Arts in Security Studies with a concentration in Military Operations from Georgetown University. He also holds a Master of Laws in Law of Armed Conflict from the Geneva Academy and a Master 2 in Public International Law from Paris Nanterre University.